Recent Case Law on the Constitution of Pakistan, 1973

From the website of the “SUPREME COURT OF PAKISTAN"


1. Supreme Court Judgment on pensionary benefits of the Judges of Superior Courts from the date of their respective retirements


2. SC Judgment against the appointment of Chairman,National Accountability Bureau


3. SC Judgment on Challenging the Constitution of Election Commission of Pakistan Dated 13th of March, 2013


4. Altaf Hussain Contempt of Court Case


5. Detailed Judgment on Asghar Khan Case


6. Detailed Judgment on Dual Nationality Case


7. Detailed Judgment in Contempt of Court, Baz Muhammad Kakar Case


8. SC Judgment in Challenging Election Campaigns Expenses Regulation Case Dated 8th of June, 2012


9. Detailed Judgment in Contempt of Court Case against


10. Detailed Order in Memo Gate Case


11. Judgment in Review Petition in NRO Case


12. Karachi Suo Motu Case No. 16 of 2011


13. Review in Judges Extention of Tenure Case


14. Dual Office Case


16. Chairman NAB Case


17. Restoration of CJ Case


18. First Review Petition in PCO Judges Case


19. PCO Judges Case


20. Tikka Iqbal Khan Case


21. Affiliation of Law Collages Case








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